Swine Products

All of our swine premix lines are developed using excellent research & development and advancing technologies to allow pigs the ability to handle a grain & soy diet from the early beginning. BSC uses proven alternative ingredients when appropriate and includes things such as probiotics, antioxidants and enzymes as necessary. Our goal is to improve and maintain the health of the animals, which in turn will drive up profitability for our producers.


A cost effective premix that increases efficiency. Also decreases nitrogen & phosphorous excretion in the manure which improves air quality by reducing ammonia.


Complete line of premixes allowing producers to incorporate DDG's into their feeding program.


Gut Developer – Accelerates the development of the digestive system to have it mature sooner and create an easier transition from weaning.


Contains increased levels of trace minerals and vitamins for Immune System Support.


Cost effective, low inclusion rates.


Lactation Sow 50K - Designed to maximize the number of large, healthy pigs weaned from each sow.


Sow, starter & finisher premixes certified for use in organic farming by OC/PRO Canada.


Premixes that contain added phytase to improve the digestibility of nutrients and to decrease phosphorous excretion.


Precise formulation of ingredients to improve performance, stimulate growth and increase the rate of consumption with health as an essential requirement.