Our broiler and layer programs are designed using the latest in technology and are to be mixed on farm with limestone, grain and protein sources. Producers are able to focus on their individual requirements and goals, giving them the opportunity to lower their production costs.


BSC's ruminant products are designed to compliment the producer's forage program. Optimum rumen health has been the focus in many of our products. Our philosophy is simple "Healthy Rumen, Healthy Cow, Healthy Consumer". By adopting the latest technologies and using new and innovative ingredients we can enhance the health, productivity and longevity of cattle. BSC's commitment to quality ensures the best for livestock nutritionally, producers economically and consumers in regards to retail confidence in food purchases.


All of our swine premix lines are developed using excellent research & development and advancing technologies to allow pigs the ability to handle a grain & soy diet from the early beginning. BSC uses proven alternative ingredients when appropriate and includes things such as probiotics, antioxidants and enzymes as necessary. Our goal is to improve and maintain the health of the animals, which in turn will drive up profitability for our producers.


Products creating a simple and efficient feeding program giving the best results at the best prices. Custom sheep minerals can be designed for the dairy sheep industry.


Mineral and vitamin packages can be specially designed for dairy and meat producers.