mail: BSC Animal Nutrition Inc.
1917 James St. S.
St. Marys, ON
N4X 1C7
tel: 519-349-2190
fax: 519-349-2191

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Our Mission

To give Producers the opportunity to lower their production costs. We will do this by supplying a top quality vitamin, mineral and amino acid premix along with professional nutrition and management services.

"Committed to Quality"

About Us

BSC Animal Nutrition Inc. was incorporated in November of 1990, and began operations in Ontario with Peter Vingerhoeds as President and General Manager. At that time, it supplied less than 2% of the market share.

In 1997 BSC built a new facility in St. Marys and in the year 2000 began mixing operations. We are now able to efficiently handle bulk premix as well as bagged. BSC has experienced strong annual growth and currently supplies about 15% of the Ontario swine premix market. As a company, we have also ventured into the Ruminant, Poultry and Organic markets.

We are currently positioning ourselves with independent producers who grow some or all their own feedstuffs. BSC has launched a program to handle bulk premix utilized in liquid feeding programs. This program encourages environmental responsibility, while further improving bottom line production costs.

BSC has a competent and experienced staff, and takes pride in providing an exceptional level of service to producers. Technical representatives not only assist the producer in setting up a feeding program, formulating rations and mill calibration; but they also provide information and technical support on management, health and production.

We believe that the excellent technology behind our product lines has been just one element of our quick growth in the industry. Equally important are; developing and sustaining solid business relationships with our clients, fostering advanced productivity and sound business practices, and our team of customer-focused individuals committed to professionalism and integrity.